Pivotone’s headquarter is located in Wuxi, a major city in the Jiangsu Provence and a strong technology development and manufacturing area with well established industrial infrastructure and supply chains. Pivotone specializes in RF, microwave and millimeter wave components, modules and subsystems used for wireless communication applications. 

Pivotone’s culture value is ‘People First’. People means its employees, customers and business partners like suppliers. Based on the value principle, we commit to “Make Communication Better Together”, with our leading product technology, well established manufacturing system and process, competitive supplier chain, certified quality management system, and experienced professional management team, to ever improve our services to worldwide customers.

Professionalism, Integrity and Vision are three words represent the abbreviation of Pivotone’s name (PIV), it is also our operating principle. At Pivotone, our entire team works with these three guiding principles in mind. We believe the professional working attitude, integrity, and far-reaching vision shall allow us to win trust and support from our customers and our employees, and together with our customers and employees, to realize the healthy and sustainable development of our business, through our win-win business partnership in telecommunication industry. And ultimately together with our community to contribute to building our better world.

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